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Common Reasons for a Microwave Service Call

Stopped working completely. Of course you need to check your breaker box first. This happens when there is a blown fuse within the appliance or one of the door safety switches is not activating either by mechanical means or electrical. The door switches makes sure that the door is completely latched before allowing the unit to run.

Runs but no heat usually happens when there is a problem with the magnetron (energy producer), a safety fuse, or the electronic control board. If the appliance is making a loud buzzing sound, there is an electronic component that is out. Call for service to get it fixed correctly.

Turntable doesn't spin when the unit is running. The turntable is turned by a motor with a plastic cog attached. The motor can go out or the cog can be cracked. Also, the motor itself is controlled by the control board.

Vent doesn't work on an over the oven microhood type. The vent fan motor is probably bad or the control switch for the fan.


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