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Common Reasons for a Washing Machine Service Call

Water leaks of any kind can be damaging to parts within the washing machine and to your floors. Over time, leaks from the center of the washtub can damage main bearings causing even more expensive repairs. Pumps, hoses, valves all need to be checked. Look for evidence of calcium trails or water and follow to the highest point. Small leaks can throw water onto electrical parts causing the parts to short out and fail. Even a small leak should be examined quickly to prevent further damage.

Unusual noises can be anything from loose change in the tub to transmission problems. Check carefully for any foreign object(s) loose in the tub. Make sure the machine isn't vibrating against the wall or dryer while spinning. If nothing obvious can be found, a service call may be needed. A squeak, rattle or grinding sound will probably only get worse as the parts causing the problem are wearing against other parts. The longer you leave it, the more expensive the repair can become.

Some cycles not working properly is a common problem. There are different reasons why a washing machine will do everything but agitate or spin. Many times customers want to blame the control panel or dial, but that is often not the problem. With several parts working together to make the cycles perform properly, the do-it-yourselfer can find themselves purchasing and changing our unnecessary parts. Call us and get it fixed right the first time.

Fill and Drain problems can stop a washing machine dead in its tracks. Obviously if the tub won't fill with water, there is nothing more the washer can do but sit and wait to start the other cycles. Believe it or not, people go on vacation, have work done in their house or for other reasons, turn of the water supply to the washing machine and fail to turn it back on. Before you make a call for service, be sure your water valves to the washer are turned on. If you run a hot water cycle and only have the cold water valve on, no water will fill the tub. If the tap water is turned on and you have to water going to the tub, call for service. On the other hand, if your washer isn't draining your problem could be a clog, a bad pump, a broken belt or other problem, call and get it fixed right.


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